Weed & Brush Clearing in Oakland & Surrounding Areas

Got brush? We'll handle it.

We specialize in clearing overgrown yards and vacant lots.

Oakland Hills did a great job clearing the brush on our large hillside! I really appreciated their transparency and willingness to work with my budget by both prioritizing where/how to clear and being thoughtful about who they were scheduling to do the work. They were professional, timely, and communicative through the whole process. I will definitely use their service again next year!

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Oakland Brush Clearing team

Keeping Your Yard Safe & Clear

Have weeds and brush taken over your yard? Are you worried about the fire risk that this can cause? Perhaps you have noticed that poison oak has taken over your yard? We can help.

At Oakland Hills Brush Clearing, we provide experienced weed and brush clearing for your yard or lot in Oakland and the surrounding areas. With our experience, we understand how to safely and properly remove weeds, brush and poison oak from your property — cutting no corners and doing everything by the book so you can rest assured that the job will be done properly.

Our Specialties

Fire Department Compliance

Having worked with fire officials and home owners for over 30 years, we guarantee our services will meet or exceed fire regulations and will pass annual Fire Department inspections.

Weeds / Brush

Weeds and brush can quickly become overgrown on properties wreaking havoc on landscaping. They pose an issue for homeowners looking to maintain their yard’s appearance and safety. Our team is well equipped to help.

Poison Oak Clearing

Poison oak is nothing to play around with. In California, poison oak is all too common and we want to make sure you protect yourself and those you love from encountering it. Our team has the right experience to take it all away.

Giving you peace of mind

Fire prevention is extremely important here. Overgrown yards and lots that have weeds and brush can be a fire hazard and may result in a citation from the fire department that requires them to be cleared. At Oakland Hills Brush Clearing, this is our area of expertise and you can trust us to safely remove these hazards for you. Our services include:

  • Weed & brush clearing
  • Poison oak removal
  • Small / low tree pruning
  • Yard cleanup of tall grass & weeds
  • Hauling of bushes, berry vines & other overgrowth
Brush clearing in Oakland, CA
Small tree pruning in Oakland, CA
Brush removal in Oakland, CA

Our Promises To You


We will do the work as described the first time, or else we will return to correct it at no cost to you.


Our work will pass fire inspection.


The price quoted to you will not go up during the course of our work, even if unexpected difficulties are encountered.

For your peace of mind, please know that we carry all required licensing and insurance — $4 million in liability insurance and $2 million in workers compensation insurance.

We have used Oakland Hills Brush Clearing for over 10 years with great results and have always passed Oakland Fire Department inspections.

Ken L. via Google
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Our Story

Oakland Hills Brush Clearing, LLC was established in 1982 and is a family business operating in Oakland Hills and surrounding areas. We are here to help keep properties fire safe and beautiful for residents.

Oakland Hills Brush Clearing truck

Some of our projects

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